Discussing Web Video Project for #J360

Web video has become an incredible tool; whether you’re marketing a product, yourself, or an idea. For my online public relations class, our final project is to create a web video. We could pick a topic based on anything social media marketing. So basically there’s a million topics I could choose from!

I decided on branding through social media, but my professor wanted me to refine my topic. Was I going to talk about SMM branding? Will I do an analysis of a company? Give out tips?

After some thought, I really wanted to discuss how to correctly market to more than one platform of social media. So basically what this whole class was about; making small changes to fit each social media platform. I will be giving suggestions on those small changes people can make to effectively use each one. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of them just from this class; whether it was organically or through my professor’s suggestions.

The next big roadblock is how I’m going to create this web video! I took a class where we used a very complex video editor through Adobe, but for this class I was advised to use Windows LIVE Movie Maker. I’ve used that once before in another class, but the majority of my content were pictures. It was very simple to use, but I will definitely have to give myself a lot of time to put my video together.

Must haves:

  1. Title Screen
  2. A graphical screen/and or lower thirds (titles at bottom of screen)
  3. Music as an intro and outro for your video
  4. End Credits with citations if you use other’s work/information

These “must haves” seem pretty reasonable, and I should I have no trouble using them when editing my video together. I’m not sure what a graphical screen entails, but I’m sure a google search will suffice.

Below are the tips my professor set up for us.


  1. Shoot more footage than you think you need, makes editing easier
  2. Do not shoot footage in front of a window or bright light
  3. Use stock music with software for your music choices
  4. If you use your phone, hold on side for landscape mode – NO VIDEOS SHOT IN PORTRAIT MODE WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  5. Keep graphics such as title screen and lower thirds to 3-5 seconds MAX. End credits can be 7-10 seconds.

I learned in my other class where I had to put content together into a video that shooting a ton of footage is vital! Just doing the bare minimum will only make it harder during editing- trust me, I know. Using stock music makes sense, because one it’ll be easier to use the software’s music, and music with lyrics could distract from the video. Also, I’m glad my professor reminded us about landscape and portrait mode. Portrait mode creates thick, black lines on the side, and landscape just fills the whole screen. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to borrow a Nikon camera, or use my phone yet. I’m also not sure what a web portal template is yet, but again, I’m sure it can easily be googled.

For my video, I want to start off telling viewers what I’ll be talking about, and then before each topic I want to write down on paper what I’m going to talk about. Then I’m going to discuss each topic separately, and give examples.

I’m really excited to finish up this project, and use what I’ve learned from my online public relations course to share with others!

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